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Of course, the need for scannability, conciseness, and plainspoken exposition extends from the overview page to About Us section's mass of interior pages as well. Compare, for example, these user comments about two different company history pages:

Fortune-500 companies and major federal government agencies might well ask why they should bother providing About Us information. After all, they're big, important, and presumably famous. They really shouldn't have to bother with peons who are too stupid to know all about them.

E-commerce sites, transactional sites, and online services sites need a strong About Us section because users often wonder who's behind a Web-based service, how it's funded, and whether it's credible. If you order from an e-commerce site, can you trust the company to ship the package? Will it accept a return if the product arrives in poor condition? If you register on a site, will it sell your personal information to anyone who can pay, and thus expose you to endless spam about everything from transaction-related products to offensive porn?

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